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Berkel Slicer Reviews: Slicing Meat Made Easy With These Machines

Berkel is an industry-leader in meat slicers, and the company’s long history has kept the name alive and well today. Berkel was founded in 1898 by a butcher named Van Berkel. Berkel wanted to make his day-to-day butcher activities easier and better for his customers. He made the world’s first meat slicer.

Food preparation has forever been changed by Berkel’s innovation, and within less than a decade, he was selling his slicer all over the world, including England, China, Mexico and Russia, among dozens of other countries. The company quickly became a household name and has been at the top of the industry ever since.

If there is one company that knows more about meat slicers than anyone else, it’s Berkel and their century-long innovation. The company produces some of the world’s best products for chefs and operators.

The company offers slicers, packaging equipment and other products to make chefs’ lives easier.

In summary: my favorites…

My Favorite Berkel Meat SlicersBrandBladeWeight
Berkel 827A-Plus
Berkel12" Blade60 lbs
Berkel 829E
Berkel14" Blade74 lbs
Berkel 825A Plus
Berkel10" Blade33 lbs

Berkel 827A-Plus 12″ Meat Slicer Review

Berkel’s 827A-Plus is a manual, gravity meat slicer that is powered by a 1/2 HP motor and is part of the company’s 800 series of economy slicers. This unit is made with sanitary anodized aluminum and features easy-to-clean stainless steel.

No tools are needed for quick and easy disassembly.

The unit has a 45-degree table with a removable meat pusher as well as a hollow ground carbon steel knife that’s chromium-plated.

The unit also features:

  • Built-in top-sided sharpener
  • Tapered guard covers
  • Positive moisture protector
  • Thickness adjustments up to 9/16″
  • One-year warranty

This economy slicer is a great choice for small deli operations and home use. The smaller size, just 24.5″ x 29″ x 22.8,” allows you to put this slicer on a small  countertop and cut your meat freshly every time.

The unit weighs just 60 pounds, and it’s the right choice when there’s limited counter space in the kitchen.

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Berkel 829E 14″ Feed Slicer Review

Berkel’s 829E feed slicer comes with a special delivery option that includes a free lift gate to get the unit off the truck. Fast and efficient, the unit has an anodized aluminum pusher, and has an on/off rocker switch and positive moisture protection.

The slicer features a hollow ground, carbon steel knife, too.

When choosing this slicer, you’re opting for a medium-duty economy slicer that is built-to-last and features high-end materials. The unit has every last ounce of advancement in it that Berkel has perfected over the last 100 years, including:

  • 14″ gravity feed slicer
  • Hollow ground knife
  • 1/2 HP motor
  • Built-in knife slicer

One-of-a-kind taste is offered through this medium volume unit, which excels when cutting through meat and cheese for 4 – 6 hours per day. When making cuts, the slicer can be adjusted to 5/8,” allowing you to have full control over the thickness of your cuts.

The width is just 26.5,” while the height is 22.5″ and the depth is 23.”

The tray is at a 45-degree angle, and has a product pusher and manual product carriage. The components are removable without tools to allow for easy cleaning.

When your deli or restaurant requires the freshest cuts, it’s time to get the Berkel 829E.

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Berkel 825A-Plus 10″ Meat Slicer

Berkel’s 825A-Plus meat slicer is powered by a 1/3 HP motor and is the ideal choice for users who plan to use their slicer for 2 – 3 hours a day or less. You can cut through meat and cheese in seconds with this unit, and it has a 45-degree table that creates an even, consistent cut time and time again.

The infinite adjustment system is a consumer favorite, with width adjustments up to 9/16″ of thickness.

Cut widths can go up to 7.5,” and the compact size of the unit makes it a great choice for smaller delis or even home use. The ring guard allows additional room behind the knife for easier cleaning.

The 10″ knife is made of chromium-plated carbon steel and is easy-to-clean.

The unit cuts at one speed and features:

  • Chromium plated knife
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 1-speed design
  • Thickness up to 9/16″
  • 45-degree angle table
  • Built-in sharpener

You can also remove this model’s components without tools to allow for fast and efficient cleaning when changing product types.

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Last Words On Berkel Slicers

Berkel’s meat slicers have been a mainstay in delis, restaurants and homes for over 100 years. The company’s exceptional products and high-end quality allows them to maintain their position as a leader in the meat slicing industry.

Each slicer has its own key points and features, but when you choose Berkel products, you can be assured that your slicer is made with high-end, durable materials meant to last a lifetime.

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