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The Best Cutting Board for Meat: Cutting Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb Easily

When you need the best cutting board for meat, you’ll find a lot of options available. Then you’ll come across a few different materials with wood and plastic cutting boards taking center stage. Before we review our top three picks, let’s discuss wood vs plastic as the go-to material.

Wood vs Plastic: Why Wood is Superior

Chefs around the world prefer wood to plastic cutting boards. And there’s a good reason for wood being the go-to choice. Plastic is easier to sanitize, and this means that you’ll be able to get bacteria off of your board faster.

But if you’ve ever used a plastic cutting board before, you also know that your cuts will leave deep grooves in the plastic.

The grooves allow bacteria to hide in the plastic, which is never ideal and can contaminate your food.

Wood on the other hand may be more tedious to clean, but it’s far more durable and doesn’t have the same deep grooves after use. You won’t find bacteria hiding away in the grooves of a wood cutting board.

Studies even show that wood cutting boards are more sanitary in the long run when compared to their plastic counterparts. So, while you may have thought – and rightfully so – that plastic is superior, as it turns out, wood is the better option.

Best Cutting Board For Meat: Maple End Grain Chopping Block

The Maple End Grain is crafted with hard maple in Northern Michigan. Spanning 20″ x 15″ x 3-1/2″, this material is National Sanitation Foundation certified. Beautiful in appearance, the block has an almost checkered pattern on the top.

Designed for lifetime use, the mineral oil finish keeps the wood from cracking over time and drying while providing a stunning look.

Every once in a while, you’ll want to apply some wood oil to the chopping block to prevent the wood from drying and cracking.


  • Crafted with real maple
  • National Sanitation Foundation certified
  • Designed to last a lifetime


  • Wood has minor imperfections

Crafted with real maple, the block may have some imperfections, such as small grooves that can help hide bacteria. This happens often when using wood cutting boards, but it’s part of the buying process. Wood will naturally have grooves, but over time, you will put the wood under far less stress than plastic.

Overall, the Maple End is a beautiful looking chopping block with a great smell and built-to-last.

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Top Chop Butcher Block PGM-16182

The Top Chop Butcher Block features 16″ x 18″ x 2″ dimensions with a reversible end grain character. Made with maple wood, this model will not dull your knives due to the End Grain construction.

Handmade, no two blocks are similar allowing you to have a truly unique butcher block in your home.

You will need to oil and condition your block, and it’s best to use the oil and conditioner offered by Top Chop. An oil finish is featured on all sides, so the butcher block won’t need oiling for quite some time after your purchase.

Durable, you can make quick work of your meats or veggies on this butcher block without worrying about making deep grooves or dulling your knife. There are also four sizes available to meet your cutting needs.


  • Reversible design
  • End grain design
  • Comes oiled and conditioned


  • Cracks quickly

The only complaint that consumers have is that the wood tends to crack over time. You’ll need to pay extra attention to the chopping block, making sure to oil it frequently so that it doesn’t crack.

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Teak Cutting Board: A Cheaper Option

Teakhaus’ teak cutting board comes with a nifty handgrip that makes it easy to carry the cutting board. The model spans 20″ x 15″ x 1.5,” and the wood is sourced from plantations. Fully sustainable, the cutting board is FSC Certified and weighs 14 pounds.

End Grain features allow your knives to stay sharp while cutting even with heavy use, you’ll notice little wear and tear.

Ideal for kitchens of all sizes, the cutting board’s low-profile handles make it easy to carry the cutting board from the counter to the sink or place it on the table.


  • Wood is sourced from 100% sustainable plantations
  • Low-profile handles make carry easy
  • End Grain wood ensures knives don’t dull or become damaged


  • Board cracks without proper care

Teak is an exceptional wood because it is anti-fungal, but over time, the wood can crack. All wooden cutting boards can crack and warp without proper care. And Teak is no exception. Aside from this one drawback, this is a durable, beautiful cutting board with an End Grain construction.

It’s a great cutting board for home or commercial use.

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We’ve done most of the research for you, but now it’s time for you to decide what’s the best cutting board for meat from the selection above.

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