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Best Fish Scaler: Open Country Tumble Drumm Review


Fish are delicious. Humans have been eating fish for thousands of years, and the one struggle we have today that our ancestors also had was scaling fish. No one gets all giddy and happy about scaling fish.

It’s a tedious process that takes a lot of time and patience.

There must be an easier way. Right?

The Open Country Tumble Drumm offers a quick and easy way to scale fish. You’ll be able to just fill the drum with your fish (small and medium fish work best), turn on the unit, and let it do all the work for you.

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Automatic Fish Scaler Buying Guide

Scaling fish has never been easier...

Scaling fish has never been easier…

Open Country offers one of the only automatic fish scalers on the market. But with a great product, you don’t need more options. There are a few models that are almost like a brush, and these remove the fish scales to leave you with a scale-free fish in theory.

But many of these brushes don’t work.

When you go to buy the best fish scaler, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind:

  • Tumble vs Brush: The brush or scrape off methods are more hands-on than a tumble model. A tumble model, like the one we’ll be reviewing below, is automatic and takes little-to-no effort on your part.
  • Capacity: How many fish can a unit hold at one time? If you’ll be bringing home hundreds of fish, you’ll need to pay close attention to the capacity of the unit.
  • Fish Sizes: Every unit will have a different fish size that they work best for scaling. What size fish do you plan on scaling? If you need a large bass to be scaled, you’ll need to make sure the model you’re considering can handle it.
  • Hot or Cold Climate Operation: Electric scalers have difficulty running in freezing temperatures. A scaler can cease in freezing temperatures, so if you plan on fishing in cold climates and using a scaler outside, keep this point in mind.

These are just a few of the many features to consider when buying a fish scaler.

Open Country Tumble Drumm Review

My favorite fish scaler.

My favorite fish scaler.

This fish scaler will change the way you scale fish. In fact, you’ll save countless hours of time that’s better spent fishing than trying to descale. The entire process is done automatically for you.

How does it work?

It’s simple. All you need to do is follow this three-step process:

  1. Place fish inside of the drum
  2. Add water inside of the drum
  3. Turn on the tumbler

You’re finished.

Anyone can successfully scale fish. You don’t need to sit there for hours trying to scale manually.

And the result is clean and undamaged fish.

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You can even scale 50 panfish at one time, so it’s going to save you a lot of time and painful hours sitting there scaling all your fish on your

This unit has been called the best fish scaler on the market, and this is because this product is built-to-last and simple to use. The dimensions are 13” x 18.5” x 29.5”, so you’ll be able to fit a good amount of fish in the tumbler to scale at one time.

In terms of weight, this model weighs 18 pounds, so it’s heavy and durable while still being easy to transport.

After a long day of fishing, you’ll simply load all the fish into the tumbler before getting started.  The amount of fish you can load will depend on the size of the fish you’ve caught. When the unit is turned on, it will tumble the fish and deposit all the scales at the bottom of the unit to be removed.

You’ll need to remove the scales and replace the water after every cycle for best results.

In total, it will take 30 minutes to scale all your fish (shorter without a full load).

The best part is that this fish scaler can be used in hot and cold climates with ease.

When you’re done scaling, you’ll want to clean the unit as soon as possible. If you’re out on the lake, it’s easy to keep cleaning it in the lake until all the scales are out. If you’re at home, you can use a hose or a faucet sprayer inside of the unit to remove any remaining scales.

Most users will spray it with a hose.

Tips for Proper Usage

A few tips can go a long way when using this unit. You’ll want to keep the following tips handy when you use this scaler to ensure you get the most out of this unit:

  • Iced fish will take twice as long to scale. If possible, put fresh caught fish in the unit or let the fish get to room temperature before turning the tumbler on.
  • The unit can hold 50 panfish, but use your own judgment when loading the unit up. If the unit is filled to the brim with fish, it will not work as efficiently.
  • Change the water after every use for best results. You can scale 2 batches of fish without a water change, but it’s less effective.
  • Clean the unit out thoroughly when you’re done using it. A hose or a strong stream of water works best to dislodge any scales that are stuck to the tumbler.

You’ll also find that this unit will scale different fish at different durations. When scaling for the first time, check the fish every 5 – 10 minutes to see how far along you are in the scaling process.


  • Scales fish effortlessly
  • Scales settle at the bottom (more on this below)
  • Holds up to 50 small or medium fish
  • Small and medium fish work best in this unit.


  • Cleaning can be tedious

The biggest issue with this tumbler is that it’s a little difficult to clean. You’ll need to use a hose to clean it out thoroughly. If you’re in a situation where water is limited, you can clean the tumbler in the river or water where you caught the fish, too.


If fishing season leads to planned excursions and weeks of eating fish, do yourself a favor and stop scaling fish the old-fashioned way.

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