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The Top 5 Best Grilling and Smoking Books Every Man Must Read

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Are you smoking and grilling, but haven’t been able to produce that perfect smoked flavor? This has happened to everyone at one time or another. Why settle for a subpar taste when you can have delicious tasting meat at all times? We have selected the best grilling books that will make everyone salivate at your next barbecue.

1) Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue

smoking meat book

Smoking Meat is the novice griller’s guide to success. Not only is this book packed with 208 pages of true southern cooking, but the author is an avid griller who loves that taste of smoking meat to perfection.
Within this book, the author explains the basic techniques that you can put in action immediately to have delicious tasting meat. From marinating your meat to placing it on your grill to smoke it, no stone goes unturned.
One of the best aspects of this book is that there are techniques taught for those that do not have a traditional smoker. This means you can begin reading and start smoking your meat right on your traditional grill.
Not only is relevant information on the art of smoking covered, but the recipes that the author uses himself are included. This allows you to become a true, savory southern cook.

2) Smokin’ With Myron Mixon


When a person hears of the best smoking books, one name comes to mind – Myron Mixon. Myron is not just a backyard griller that loves smoked meat, he is a champion at smoking meat. He has won more prizes and competitions than any man in the industry and he has provided you with the very secrets that have made his smoking a success.
The book starts off with the very basics that every griller needs to know. If you don’t know which wood to purchase or which grill or smoker to choose, you will quickly learn after opening the book. From here, you will learn champion-level smoking techniques from the grandmaster himself.
Included are over 75 recipes that the author himself has used to win over 180 championships. Furthermore, you will also learn how to make great tasting marinades and sauces to go along with your food.
Even pros will find that this book has ways to make every piece of meat just a little more flavorful and tender.

3) Peace, Love and Barbeque

peace love barbecue

Mike Mills is another famed griller that has divulged all of his secrets in Peace, Love and Barbeque. This book is filled with a world of information from a man that sure loves grilling. Mike owns many of the world’s most famous pits and has also won many championships. In his book, he reveals all of his secrets to smoked meat perfection.
This book attempts to provide the reader with an inside look into the world of competitive grilling. From numerous interviews with the world’s best grillers to uncovering the way these championships run, you will walk away from this book in awe.
There are tales, lies and even full recipes that are provided that will ensure the next time you smoke meat, your entire neighborhood is talking about it.
This is a fun and exciting way to get into the world of smoking meat without getting bored along the way. With a plethora of great stories included, this is the fun way to learn how to grill from one of the world’s masters.

4) Smoke & Spice- revised edition

smoke spice book

For anyone that is just beginning in the world of smokers, Smoke & Spice is the ideal book. This book is filled with information from cover to cover that will leave you with a better understanding of how to turn your bland meat into delicious, savory goodness.
Unlike other books, this edition has been revised to include every last detail of the smoking process. From the basics of what tools are required to the techniques that Cheryl and Bill use when grilling, everything is included. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that of learning a few recipes from some of the best meat smokers in the world.
This is the companion guide that you simply must have if you barbeque regularly. There are over 100 recipes included that will leave your mouth watering.

5) Weber’s Smoker: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill

weber smoke book

Sometimes, the best grilling books are those that cover the basics all the way to advanced forms of grilling. While this book will not teach you all of the advanced techniques, you will learn the most pertinent details of how you can change your grilling habits to make meat more succulent and filled with flavor.
This book incorporates tips that every professional griller must know as well as ways to turn your regular barbeque into a smoking machine. There are over 85 recipes included that will leave your meat tasting delicious at all times.
One of the best parts of this book is that it is extremely organized. You can flip to any section to brush up on your weak grilling areas when it suits you best. Even the basics as to how much salt is too much have been included.

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