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The Best Indoor Electric Grill: A Complete Buying Guide With Reviews

When you cook on a stove, you’re limited by the cooking surface of a pot or pan. The best indoor electric grill enables a chef to cook multiple foods at once on a larger surface. You can cook burgers, melts, hot dogs, sausage, vegetables and more on the same surface – many items at the same time.

We’re going to be discussing two of the top indoor electric grills on the market.

And if you’re wondering “why do I need a grill?” the answer is simple: versatility. You can be a versatile cook without the hassle of using multiple pots and pans to make dinner.

My Choices:

My FavoritesBrandMy Opinion
T-fal GC702 OptiGrill
T-falA smart grill. You can't go wrong with this model.
Zojirushi EB-CC15
ZojirushiGreat price/quality.
Cuisinart GR-300WS
CuisinartAnother great choice. Durable.

Benefits of Owning an Indoor Electric Grill

Cooking using an indoor grill is easy.

An electric grill offers:

  • No Fumes – electric grills don’t produce fumes. A fume-free design ensures you never have to worry about harmful fumes making you sick or permeating through your home.
  • Save Money – natural gas or propane is expensive. Changing gas tanks is expensive, and the costs will add up quickly. Electric grills allow you to save money on fuel costs and you never have to worry about fuel running out mid-use.
  • Restriction-free – some apartments and buildings have grill restrictions. But there aren’t restrictions on electric grills. This allows you to circumvent fire regulations, which often keep apartment renters from being able to grill meat in their yard.
  • Nutrient Preservation – throwing meat on the grill seals in nutrients. Riboflavin and thiamine are both preserved when meat is on the grill. These nutrients are part of a healthy diet, and they’re often lost when cooking on a different surface type.

Let’s not forget that you can cook a variety of food at one time when you use a grill.

If you’re on a low-fat diet or watching your weight, you’ll benefit from grills not absorbing fat. See, when you fry food, the fat is absorbed into the meat (for example), leading to higher cholesterol levels and calories.

There’s also the flavor element of a grill.

Grilling provides a different flavor to food, and this isn’t a flavor that you can achieve without a grill. If you’re a person that can’t wait to fire up the grill in the spring, an electric grill is a great choice – you can fire up the grill during any season.

The Best Indoor Electric Grill: T-fal GC702 OptiGrill

Top choice.

The OptiGrill is an intelligent indoor electric grill with automatic cooking programs that adapt to the thickness of the food. Let’s take a closer look at this advanced model to see why it’s one of my favorite indoor grills on the market.

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OptiGrill Features

  • 6 automatic cooking programs: red meat, poultry, fish, burger, sausage and sandwich.
  • Adapts grilling cycles to the thickness of the food
  • Ready/preheating indicator lights
  • Beep alerts for rare, medium and well-done
  • 2 cooking modes: frozen mode to cook frozen meats and vegetables, and manual
  • Removable non-stick plates
  • Serving capacity: 4

Automatic Sensor Cooking Programs and Thickness Measurement

The OptiGrill is a smart indoor electric grill that uses technology to cook your foods perfectly every time.

The grill’s “Automatic Sensor Cooking” technology detects the number of items on the cooking surface. Once it knows how many items are on the grill, it will continue monitoring the food until it reaches your desired doneness. Indicator lights and audible beeps let you know when your food is: rare (yellow), medium (orange), or well-done (red).

Along with these built-in sensors, the grill can also detect the thickness of foods. Cooking programs are adjusted automatically, so your food comes out just the way you like it every time.

And the large cooking surface provides ample room for cooking up to four servings of food.

Cooking Programs and Modes

The OptiGrill eliminates the guesswork of grilling, with six automatic cooking programs and two cooking modes.

There are programs for just about every food you could ever want to cook on the grill, including:

  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Red meat
  • Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Poultry
  • Sausage

With the automatic cooking modes, you can grill burgers, chicken and even paninis to perfection without ever having to step out of your kitchen.

In addition to the cooking programs, the grill also has two built-in cooking modes: frozen and manual.

Forgot to take that steak out to defrost for dinner? Don’t worry – the frozen cooking mode allows you to cook frozen foods with ease.

The manual mode allows for more versatility, so you take control of your meals.

With an 1800-watt heating element, this grill is powerful – no matter whether you cook in manual or frozen mode.

Easy Cleaning and Removable Plates

Outdoor grilling is great, but clean-up can be a hassle. The OptiGrill eliminates this frustration thanks to its non-stick plates. These plates allow for quick and easy food release, so clean-up is a breeze.

The plates and drip pan are dishwasher-safe, too.

Grills with permanent plates can be difficult and awkward to clean. The removable grates make it easy to keep the OptiGrill clean, and having the ablity to pop them into the dishwasher is a welcomed convenience.


  • Automatic cooking programs take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Thickness measurement ensures foods are cooked right every time
  • Removable plates and drip pan make clean-up a breeze
  • Frozen mode lets you cook frozen foods with ease
  • Alerts and indicators let you know when your food is done


  • Serving capacity is small

The only minor complaint with the OptiGrill is that its serving capacity is on the small side. The maximum number of servings this grill can cook at one time is four, which may be an inconvenience for large families.

Serving capacity aside, this grill cooks food to perfection every time. Between the cooking sensors and the thickness measuring capacity, this grill knows when your food is rare, medium and well-done. Dual cooking modes and a half-dozen programs allows you to cook just about any food to your exact liking.

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Electric Grill Review

The EB-CC15 is an indoor electric grill that’s ideal for grilling everything from steaks to burgers and even vegetables. And when the weather is cold outside, you can still enjoy the taste of grilled food in the comfort – and warmth – of your own home.

Nonstick grilling ensures food doesn’t stick to the surface of the grill.

And a cooking area of 12.5” x 9.25” allows you to cook a meal for the entire family at once. If you’ve never owned an indoor electric grill before, you’ll be blown away by this model’s features.

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Features

  • 5” x 9.25” cooking surface
  • Variable heat control
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Drip tray to catch fat (removable for easy cleaning)
  • Nonstick design eliminates the need for butter and oil
  • Heat range of 176F – 410F

Zojirushi’s EB-CC15 is the epitome of a man’s grill. Cooking is kept close together to allow for optimal surface usage. The design of the grill diverts excess oils and fats away from the food and into the drip tray.

The drip tray is removable to allow you to clean the tray easily.

When you’re done cooking, the cool-touch handles allow you to move the grill without fear of burning your hands in the process. You’ll also be able to disassemble many parts of the grill to for easy cleaning.

Cleanup has never been this easy.

If you’re cooking meat or vegetables, there are ample heat settings to choose from: 176F to 410F. Breakfast, including bacons, eggs and sausage, can be cooked on the stovetop at one time.

The heating element is 1,300 watts, and the unit won’t turn on unless properly assembled.

The nonstick surface allows food to slide right off the grill. You can even remove the cooking surface for easy cleaning. You can’t remove the cooking service on most electric grills.

If you want an efficient, easy-to-clean grill, this is the best indoor electric grill for you.


  • Wide temperature range for precision cooking
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Drip tray to collect fat
  • Cool-touch grips allow for easy handling
  • Nonstick surface allows even charred food to glide off the grill


  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe

The surface of the grill detaches, which makes it easier to clean, but you can’t submerge the piece in water because it attaches to the electrical component. So, if you thought you could put the surface in the dishwasher, you’re wrong.

But I’ve never seen a model where the surface is dishwasher safe. Since the surface is nonstick, this isn’t a major concern.

With a powerful temperature range, drip tray and cool-touch handles, this is a great indoor grill that is durable and can cook a variety of foods.

Cuisinart GR-300WS Review

Cuisinart offers a high-end griddler grill that’s a six-in-one device. When you own a normal grill, you’re able to grill foods, but you’re not able to make a panini or a top melt. This is a versatile indoor grill, and it’s great for the cook that needs to be versatile in their cooking.

Parents with picky children that like different foods will appreciate this grill.

There are a robust set of features that also make the grill easier to use – and powerful. When you fire up this grill (it’s electric, so don’t worry), you’ll enjoy:

Cuisinart GR-300WS Features

  • Six cooking options (contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, top melt, half grill / half griddle)
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Removable grill / griddle plates
  • Nonstick grill design
  • Adjustable top cover
  • 6 presets
  • Sear function (500F+ degrees)
  • 240 sq. in. surface

The GR-300WS is all about versatility. While it’s a bit bulkier, this doesn’t take away from the ability to make paninis, top melts and even a grill / griddle combo. And with a nonstick surface, the food practically glides off the top without getting stuck.

An adjustable cover allows for faster heating, and there is a seat function of 500+ degrees that lasts for 2 minutes at a time.

The griddle and grill plates can be removed. A dual zone temperature design further allows both cooking zones to have separate temperatures. It’s the ideal design for cooking multiple foods at once.


  • Even cooking on both sides
  • Built-in timer
  • Dishwasher safe cook surface


  • Heavy and large design

The GR-300WS is large in design, so it’s a little heavier, too. While nothing to worry about, this is something that users complain about, albeit a small complaint. But when a grill doubles as a griddle and panini maker, you should expect a heavier unit. The weight is worth the versatility of the GR-300WS – it does a lot in for one unit.

Wrap-Up: Last Words On Indoor Grills

The best indoor electric grill allows for all-season grilling. If you prefer grilled meats and vegetables or you want to cook a variety of foods at once, an indoor grill is an investment that you’ll wish you made sooner.

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