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Choosing The Best Pan for Steak: A Chef’s Complete Guide

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly grilled steak. But for some of us, grilling outdoors isn’t a practical option. It may be too cold outside, or you may not be allowed to own a grill at your apartment or rental home. In these cases, a grill pan is the best option and will allow you to enjoy the same flavor you’d get on an outdoor grill.

Check Out My Choices:

Steak PansBrandMy Opinion
Scanpan Pro IQ
ScanpanWhat I use on a daily basis.
All-Clad Steak Pan
all clad
All-CladAnother great pan I have been using for a couple of year.

Why Every Cook Should Own a Grill Pan

The right pan will help you cook delicious steak.

Every well-stocked kitchen should have a grill pan. These pans are designed to mimic the effects of an outdoor grill, so you enjoy juicy, flavorful meat and delicious vegetables.

Even if you own an outdoor grill, a grill pan will let you cook steak indoors when it’s too cold to grill outside.

Top quality grill pans are typically made with non-stick materials, so you won’t waste time scrubbing after cooking.

The ridged design of these pans is the secret to achieving the “grilled” taste. The steak rests on top of the ridges, allowing fats and juices to run off into the bottom of the pan. Grill pans not only give you that grilled taste but also allow you to cook healthier.

If you love the taste of grilled steak but don’t necessarily want to rely on an outdoor grill, a grill pan is a must-have kitchen tool.

The Benefits of Using a Grill Pan for Steaks

Delicious steak- cooked at home.

There are many benefits to owning a grill pan for steaks, including:

Grilled Taste without the Mess

One of the most obvious benefits to owning a grill pan is that you can enjoy the grilled taste without the mess of cleaning an outdoor grill.

These pans are designed to mimic the grilled flavor and cooking style, but offer a non-stick surface that’s easy to clean. The non-stick surface also allows for easy release of the steak, which will keep its juices inside and its crust intact.

Easy to Use

Outdoor grills aren’t overly complicated to use, but they aren’t as simple as a grill pan. There’s no need to worry about propane tanks or heating up charcoal. Just heat up the pan on the stovetop, add the steak, cook, and enjoy.

Grill pans are exceptionally easy to use, so cooks of all skill levels and ages can use them.

A Healthier Way to Cook

It’s no big secret that grilling is a healthy way to cook food, but outdoor grilling does have some caveats. That charred taste we love on the outside of our steak is considered carcinogenic. Charring typically happens when fat drips down onto the heat source to cause flare-ups.

With a grill pan, there’s no need to worry about fat hitting the heat source and charring the “crust” of the steak.

A grill pan also allows you to eliminate most of the fat from your steak. Just like with an outdoor grill, the fat drips down into the bottom of the pan away from the steak. The end result is a juicy, flavorful steak without the extra calories.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

A quality grill pan is made with highly durable material, such as hard anodized aluminum. High quality materials also equate to healthier meals because your pan won’t leech toxic chemicals into your food.

These pans are also easy to maintain and clean, so you’ll enjoy years of use.

The Best Pan for Steak: Our Two Picks

There are dozens of grill pans on the market today, and many of them can cook a good steak. But there are two pans that we feel go above and beyond the competition: Scanpan Pro IQ and All-Clad 3011.

1. Scanpan Pro IQ Nonstick Deep Grill Pan

The Scanpan Pro IQ deep grill pan is compatible with all cooking surfaces – including induction. The brand is also the first to offer nonstick cookware that’s certified PFOA-free. This certification means the pan is safe for the environment and your family.

The ceramic titanium surface is safe for use with metal utensils, so you don’t have to spend more money on wood or plastic cooking tools.

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The non-stick surface of the pan does not rely on a coating. Instead, the non-stick surface is created by taking a ceramic titanium compound and firing it at 36,000F and at twice the speed of sound. When this happens, the ceramic-titanium particles liquefy and permanently attach themselves to the pan. A non-stick compound is then embedded into the surface to further keep foods from sticking.

The Scanpan deep grill pan is guaranteed not to peel or blister, and is oven-safe up to 500F.

The great thing about this pan is that you can also use it for deglazing, braising and searing – perfect for steaks.

Offering even heat distribution, steaks come out perfect every time you cook with this unique grill pan.


  • Ceramic titanium surface is PFOA free
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can braise, deglaze and sear – something you can’t do with regular non-stick cookware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be placed in the oven (up to 500F)
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces


  • Large

With dimensions of 19.6″ x 11.3″ x 3.9,” this is a large pan. If you have an extra-small kitchen, you may not have the space to store this pan. But for most people, the IQ deep grill pan can replace most other skillets in the kitchen (size isn’t a concern at that point): In my opinion, this is the best pan for steak.

2. All-Clad 3011 Hard Anodized Grill Pan

The All-Clad 3011 hard anodized grill pan offers a non-stick surface and scratch resistance for added durability and ease of use. Made by one of the top brands in the cooking industry, this pan will give you years of use with proper care.

Unlike the Scanpan grill pan, the 3011 from All-Clad is not an exceptionally deep pan. The shallower surface makes it easier to sear steaks and other foods.

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The hard-anodized aluminum offers a non-stick surface while improving heat distribution and durability. We also like that this pan has a long stainless steel handle, which stays cool to the touch while cooking on the stovetop.

The pan can also be placed in the oven for added versatility.

In between the interior and exterior surfaces is a layer of pure aluminum, which offers superior heat distribution throughout the entire pan. The exterior surfaces are resistant to scratching, peeling and chipping, so your pan looks like new for years to come.

The 3011 is 11″ square, and leaves excellent grill marks to make steaks even more appetizing.


  • Non-stick surface makes cooking and clean-up a breeze
  • Ridged design leaves deep grill marks
  • Aluminum layer allows for unmatched heat distribution
  • Highly durable
  • Stainless steel handle stays cool on the stovetop
  • Can be placed in the oven


  • Not compatible with induction cooking surfaces

The only complaint with the All-Clad 3011 grill pan is that it’s not compatible with induction cooking surfaces. If you have an induction cooktop, the Scanpan Pro IQ is the right option for you.

Conclusion: Time To Choose

Grill pans are an excellent alternative to outdoor grills when it comes to cooking steak. Affordably priced and easy to use, these two pans are some of the best on the market and will give you years of use.

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