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Review of The Best Shawarma Knife: The KeyTop 110V


Shawarma meat is placed on a spit and grilled for up to a day. In commercial settings (and some home settings, too), the spit is vertical, which can make it difficult to slice the meat using conventional knives.

Specially-designed shawarma knives make it easier to achieve uniform shaved pieces of meat. While there are many knives to choose from on the market, there’s one in particular that is my absolute favorite. Before we get to that, let’s discus the benefits of using a shawarma knife and how to buy one.

The Benefits of Owning a Shawarma Knife


Having the right Shawarma knife is essential.

Shawarma is typically shaved off the large stack and onto a circular tray for serving. While large knives and even circular saws can be used to shave the meat, an electric shawarma knife is the tool of choice for most commercial establishments.

There are many benefits to using an electric knife over other tools:

  • Faster: An electric shawarma knife cuts the meat quickly, so you can serve customers faster.
  • Uniform Cuts: Electric knives create uniform cuts, allowing your meat to go further. Uniform cuts also improve presentation.
  • Easier: An electric knife is easier to use than a conventional large knife or a circular saw. These models are small, lightweight, portable and require little skill to use. The blade is also designed specifically for shredding shawarma meat. The top third of the blade is covered by a smooth plate, allowing the bottom of the blade to cut the meat. The smooth surface glides along the stack, while the rim underneath the blade helps push the meat into the tray below.

When used properly, these knives are also a safer alternative to saws and larger knives because they keep your hands away from the spit and blade.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Shawarma Knife


When choosing a shawarma knife, there are many things that need to be considered. This type of knife has a special purpose, so it’s important to ensure all the features support that purpose.

Here are a few things you may want to consider:


When buying an electric knife, you need to consider its power. The more powerful the knife, the easier it will be to cut through thicker stacks and cuts of meat. Power also equals speed, which means you can slice through meat more quickly.

Blade Size

The size of the blade is another key important thing to consider. Larger stacks and spits may require a larger blade, and vice versa.

The product description should list the cutting depth and diameter, so you can determine whether the blade’s size will meet your needs.

Cutting Capacity

If you plan on using the knife in a commercial setting, you will need to consider its cutting capacity. Most models will list this information in the product description.

Busier establishments with a higher demand will require a heavy-duty knife that can withstand constant use.


What type of safety features are offered? Some models, like the one I’ll be reviewing shortly, come with a blade protector to keep hands safe while in use.

Also, consider the design of the knife’s handle. An ergonomic handle allows for the knife to fit comfortably in the hand, which also improves safety and ensures proper use.

These are the most important considerations, but price will likely play a role in your final decision as well. My favorite knife is from KeyTop and thankfully, it’s an affordable model.

My Favorite Shawarma Knife: KeyTop 110V/60hz Review

It doesn't get any better than the KeyTop knife.

It doesn’t get any better than the KeyTop shawarma knife.

The KeyTop shawarma knife is powerful, durable, lightweight and portable. Designed to shave meat directly off the stack, this model makes quick work of any meat-cutting job.

Features at a Glance

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The 80W motor gives you ample cutting power, whether you’re working with lamb, buffalo, veal, chicken, turkey or a combination of meats. The plug is a USA two-pin, and the voltage is 110V-120V.

What really sold me on this knife was the blade. The 10mm diameter and 0-8mm cutting depth is more than sufficient for my stack and pit setup, and it should work perfectly even in busy commercial environments. After all, the maximum cutting capacity is a whipping 60kg (about 132 pounds). That’s a lot of meat.

Along with the kebab slicer, which has a serrated blade, you also receive an additional extra-round blade. The package also comes with a whetstone to help keep your blade sharp.

This model work perfectly with any shawarma, kebab or gyro machine. It’s highly portable, and exceptionally easy to use.

And if you’re worried about cleaning, don’t be. This knife is also surprisingly easy to clean as well. The blade can easily be removed with a locking screw for cleaning or for switching blades.

The built-in blade protector not only protects your blade, but also protects your fingers when using the knife.

The ergonomically-designed handle is another feature I appreciate. The knife feels balanced and comfortable in your hands, so even after extensive use, your wrists and hands aren’t in pain.

After using this knife for quite some time, I’ve never had an issue with jamming or the motor burning out. The only minor complaint I have is that the knife can be quite noisy at times. The noise isn’t a big issue for me, but is something I should point out.

Overall, the KeyTop shawarma knife is a pleasure to use. It’s easy to control, portable, powerful and quick. The cuts are uniform and perfect for gyros, or whichever dish you want to make. I like that this model comes with two blades, and that the blades are easy to remove. I also like the blade protector, which adds an extra layer of safety when the knife is in use.

With a high cutting capacity and durable design, this knife could easily be used in a commercial setting. It is equally capable of excelling in a home setting, and is worth every penny.

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