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October 30, 2016 Comments (0) Kitchen Appliances

Best Stainless Steel Work Table: A Complete Guide to Kitchen Prep Tables


There always seems to be too little room on countertops for food preparation. Having too little space can drag out the food prep process, and you may even have to perform cleanup as go, which slows down the cooking process immensely.

A good stainless steel table will immediately add space to your kitchen, making food prep a breeze.

I’m going to review two of my favorite tables, and these are same stainless steel models that professional cooks use.

When choosing a table that is right for you, keep the following points in mind:

  • Size: You need to choose a table that is sized properly. A table needs to offer enough space for proper food prep, but it also needs to fit in your kitchen or adjacent room without cluttering up the space too much.
  • Weight Limit: The shelves of each table will have a maximum weight limit. Pay close attention to the weight limit of each shelf if you plan on placing any heavy food items, pots, or pans on the shelf. The last thing you want is for the table to break under the weight of the items.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Shelves that are adjustable add to the versatility of a table, and this is what matters most. When you can, choose a table with adjustable shelves because it allows you to have a variety of storage options as a result.

My favorite tables that I have had the pleasure of reviewing are listed below…

The Best Stainless Steel Work Table: TRINITY EcoStorage Review


My favorite work table.

Trinity’s EcoStorage NSF is a stainless-steel table with a beautiful, modern exterior that would normally be found in an upscale kitchen. This table is offered in two sizes:

  • 24-inch: Ideal for smaller kitchens where room is a concern.
  • 48-inch: The right choice when room is available, and the model that I’ll be reviewing.

Both tables offer the same great features despite one model being slightly smaller in size.

Also, this table is NSF certified.

Feet levelers ensure the table remains stable and level during prep. This allows all your food’s juices to remain on the table – not spill off. And round foods, such as a tomato, won’t roll off the table due to imbalance.

There is a top and bottom shelf offered, and each shelf has a weight capacity of 150 pounds.

The top shelf will be the key area of food prep, while the bottom shelf will hold most of the heavier items. Your pots, pans or even plates and bowls will be placed on the bottom shelf in most circumstances. This is the area to place items you don’t want touching your chicken, vegetables or other food you may prep.

What’s special about this table is that you can adjust the shelves to be ideal for your needs.

In terms of dimensions, this table’s assembled dimensions are:

  • 35” height
  • 24” width
  • 48” length

The weight of the table is 43.8 pounds, so it’s easy enough to move, yet heavy enough to be stable.


  • Rounded edges allow for a nice exterior and added safety
  • Lightweight design that outpaces the competition and allows for easy transport
  • Feet are adjustable to allow for easy leveling of the table
  • The bottom shelf is adjustable, which allows for the utmost versatility


  • Dings easily, which lessens the table’s aesthetics

I highly recommend placing a cutting block on top of the stainless-steel so that you can limit the number of dings to the tabletop. While the table will still work fine, it will get dinged up if you hit it directly.

This is something to consider with every portable kitchen table on the market.

In my opinion, this is a great portable table that makes the perfect kitchen island or kitchen space for food prep. The design is simple yet eloquent, and the shelves can hold an immense amount of weight, which allows you to have all your food prep items handy.

And with a light weight, this table is very mobile, which is a bonus.

With two unique sizes to choose among, this is a table that can do it all.

Gridmann NSF Stainless Kitchen Table Review


Larger option. More space.

Gridmann also offers an exceptional stainless-steel work and prep table. This model is meant for a commercial kitchen, so it’s much larger in size and more durable. The price tag reflects this addition to quality.

The table’s dimensions are:

  • 75” height
  • 24” width
  • 72” length

Notice the length is a whole 24” longer than the previous table we reviewed, so this provides significantly more space. You’ll need to make sure that you have more-than-adequate space for this table.

The entire unit is silver in color, and the edges are rounded, which allows the table to be much safer than the competition.

Squared edges can lead to injury, so keep this in mind when choosing a table.

Note: Both tables reviewed have rounded edges and features for added safety.

The table features a top and bottom shelf, and the unit is NSF approved. The top is extra heavy-duty with a 1.25” tall backsplash.

This backsplash will stop liquids and any food items from falling and slipping behind the table. Some protection for the back wall is offered, too, with the backsplash.

A galvanized under-shelf can be adjusted with ease, and this is where I like to place all my plates, bowls and even cutting knives. The goal is to keep all your food items away from items used for serving.

Assembly is quick and easy, but you may need some help, as the table weighs 65 pounds.

The feet are non-marking, so you won’t have to worry about scratching your floor when using or moving the table.

This is a workspace that can be used for commercial kitchens, but you’ll also find this table in schools, bars and restaurants. It’s a versatile table that offers plenty of additional space to kitchens of all sizes.


  • Provides more-than-ample workspace
  • Built with curved features for added safety
  • Backsplash offers extra protection to walls and reduces food dropping
  • All legs on the table are adjustable


  • May come with dings

A table of this magnitude is bound to come with dings. This is a commercial table, and with the high weight of the table, there is little you can do to avoid scratches and dings. Sure, you can place a cutting board or a cover on the top shelf, but then you run into sanitary issues.

If you have a smaller kitchen or space, this may not be the best table for you since it has a rather large length.

In a commercial kitchen, this is one of the best tables on the market. Not only is it extra-long, but it’s also very durable, which is needed to withstand the rigors of a commercial setting.

Last Words: Choose The Right Table For Your Kitchen

Both tables offer the durability and aesthetics that only stainless steel can offer. In a commercial kitchen, the Gridmann is the clear winner due to the table’s sheer size. But in a home setting, both tables are recommended.

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