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Pit Boss 71820FB Pellet Grill Review

Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, baking or searing, the Pit Boss 71820FB has you covered. This pellet grill features a heavy-duty construction, temperature control and plenty of cooking space.

In this detailed review, we’ll take a close look at this pellet grill and its versatile design.

Pit Boss 71820FB Features and Specs

  • 820 sq.in. cooking space
  • Cast iron, porcelain-coated cooking grates
  • Built-in flame broiler
  • Temperature control knob with LED readout
  • 180-500 degree cooking temperature
  • Fan-forced convection
  • Dimensions: 49″ W x 50″ H x 24″ D
  • Weight: 141 pounds

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The Pit Boss is known for its quality grills and smokers, and the 71820FB is no exception. As you may have guessed, this grill uses pellets as fuel, which allows you to smoke, grill, sear and more. But it boasts a number of other great features that make this model stand out from the crowd.

Solid, Durable Construction

Inside the Pitboss.

The 71820FB has a solid and durable construction that will give you years of use with the proper care.

The grill features a heavy-duty, all-steel construction with sturdy, solid legs. Convenient wheels on the grill’s right side makes it easier to transport the 71820FB wherever you want, and the built-in shelf at the bottom of the grill allows for convenient storage.

Versatile Cooking Environment

The 71820FB uses pellets as fuel, which means you can use it for grilling, smoking, roasting, searing, braising and even baking. There’s also a built-in flame broiler, so you can cook right over an open flame.

Fan-forced convection allows for even heat distribution, so foods cook evenly every time.

This 40,000-BTU grill generates plenty of heat, so you can cook just about any food.

Precise Temperature Control

With the turn of a dial, you can set the grill’s temperature to just the right level. The LED readout allows you to see the internal temperature at a glance.

The 71820FB’s temperature ranges from 180F to 500F, so you can cook low and slow or hot and quick.

And the grill’s electric ignition makes it easy to get this grill started. No ignition fluids required.

Plenty of Cooking Space and High Hopper Capacity

The Pit Boss 71820FB has plenty of cooking space, so you can cook for a crowd or just for two.

The 820 square-inch cooking space is big enough to cook about 32 hamburger patties. The primary cooking surface is 29.5″ x 19.5,” while the upper rack is 29.5″ x 8.25.”

Plus, the 20-pound hopper capacity holds plenty of fuel for those long and slow cooks.

The interior cooking grid is constructed with porcelain-coated cast iron, which helps with even heat distribution and creates a non-stick surface.

Just like any other grill, the 71820FB does require some assembly. Assembly is simple and straightforward thanks to the clear, detailed instructions.

The Benefits of a Pellet Grill

Pellet grills allow you to enjoy that smoky flavor you love without the labor-intensive process that comes along with traditional pits.

They’re like the slow cookers of the BBQ world.

Quality pellet grills are just like the 71820FB: You set the temperature, and forget it until it’s done.

The easy use of this grill is only part of what makes it an attractive option. There’s also the flavor.

Pellet grills impart that delicious wood fire flavor we all love, and that’s because pellets come in a wide range of flavors, including: mesquite, pecan, cherry, hickory, maple, apple and more. The wood flavor is a little more subtle, which makes it hard to over-smoke foods.

A wide temperature range allows you to cook a variety of foods, and the design of a pellet grill creates even heat distribution for consistent results.

But most people really love that they can do just about anything with a pellet grill: roast, cook, sear, smoke, bake and braise. Who doesn’t love an all-in-one cooker?

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Pros. What We Like about the 71820FB

The Pit Boss 71820FB has a number of great features that we love, such as:

  • Temperature dial control for precision cooking.
  • Pellet fuel allows for a wide range of cooking styles.
  • High hopper capacity for long and slow cooking.
  • Plenty of cooking space.
  • Easy to assemble with detailed instructions.
  • Produces plenty of heat, and offers a wide temperature range of 180 F to 500 F.

Cons. What Could Have Been Better

There’s little to complain about with the 71820FB, but some people say there’s a slight learning curve when you first start using this grill (or any pellet grill).

Aside from that, the 71820FB truly is a great grill for any home. It’s incredibly easy to use, is built to last and allows for a variety of cooking styles. If you’re looking for a grill that gives you wood fire flavor with the convenience of a gas grill, the 71820FB is the right choice.


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