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STX International STX-3000-MF Meat Grinder Review

STX International’s STX-3000-MF is a leading meat grinder that is affordable. There are a lot of models that sell for three or four times the price that can’t match the quality offered by the 3000-MF. This model has a patented air-cooled system, a plethora of accessories and 3,000 watts of power.

STX International STX-3000-MF Features:

  • 3,000 watts of power
  • 3 speeds
  • Circuit breaker system
  • Size 12 grinder
  • 2-inch feed tube
  • 5-inch ground meat tube
  • 8% customer approval
  • 12-pound weight
  • 1-year warranty

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STX is confident that their meat grinder will stand the test of time, so they offer a one-year warranty that’s a fix or replace guarantee. The company will take care of the cost of parts and labor if your meat grinder breaks at any time during the first year of use.

Keep in mind that before you start cleaning the unit, none of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Placing the parts in the dishwasher may void the warranty and lead to the grinder’s parts breaking in the process.

And there are a lot of parts and accessories included with your purchase, such as:

  • 3 grinding plates
  • 3 cutting blades
  • Kubbe attachment
  • Beaner plate
  • Set of sausage tubes

When first using the STX-3000-MF, you’ll notice that it is on the louder side, but it is a meat grinder, so this is somewhat expected. The unit has a cowl air induction system, which works to cool the electric motor and components when in use.

Air induction stops the unit from slowing and jamming.

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Heat is also a leading cause of gears starting to wear down. The cooling system means that there’s no need to take long breaks between use, which speeds up your grinding session. People have used this model for four hours straight without having an issue.

There’s also a circuit breaker, so electrical shortages should never be an issue with the 3000 series.

Normal usage will boast 800 – 1,200 watts of power, with locked motor power being an impressive 3,000 watts.

The cast aluminum grinding head, a large #12 model, is far larger than the competition, and has a meat pan and auger to effortlessly work through most cuts of meat. Advanced Variable Intake (AVI Technology) allows you to grind larger cuts of meat effortlessly.

Three stainless steel cutting blades work to cut through the meat, and since the blades are stainless steel, they can be placed in the dishwasher.

When grinding different cuts of meat, you’ll notice that a one-speed-fits-all approach isn’t the best option. Tougher meats will often require a slower speed to work, but then delicate meats may also require slower speeds so that it doesn’t turn to mush.

STX offers three variable speeds that are perfect for grinding and stuffing.

Stop and reset buttons are also available. If a jam does occur, this unit does have a reverse function that will reverse the unit to help with unjamming the machine.

Cleaning is a very tedious process since the unit specifically states that you can’t put a majority of the parts in the dishwasher. You can clean the unit with a sponge, soap and water, but it is a timely process.

You’ll also have a difficult time cleaning if you grind meat with bone in it.

Some users have ignored the manufacturer’s recommendation and placed meat and bone inside of the grinder. The issue with this is that the warranty will likely be voided. While some users state that it will work through bone easily, others say this is simply not true.

My stance on the entire matter is to listen to the manufacturer who knows their product better than anyone else.

While all of this may sound bad to some consumers, it’s a problem that most meat grinders have. You will be hard-pressed to find another meat grinder of this quality in this price range. Yes, it does have its flaws, but it can go through pork shoulder in a mere 10 minutes (for a staggering 5 pounds of meat).

That’s impressive by anyone’s standards.


  • Cooling system eliminates any random catches after hours of use
  • Comes with accessories for all of your meat grinding and stuffing needs
  • Offers several speed options for refined grinding


  • Even small chicken bones will cause the unit to catch
  • Cleaning is a tedious process

STX International warns users that this meat grinder is not ideal for bones of any kind. If you plan to grind chicken bones, which are known for being easy to breakdown, the machine will catch or hesitate.

But when grinding just meat, this inexpensive grinder can run for hours without heat causing it to catch. The air cooling system ensures that the unit won’t catch even after hours of use.

Moderate users will find that the STX-3000-MF is powerful enough for their grinding needs.

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